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Disciplining Music: Musicology and Its Canons
edited by Katherine Bergeron and Philip V. Bohlman
University of Chicago Press, 1992
Cloth: 978-0-226-04368-5 | Paper: 978-0-226-04370-8

Provocative and timely, Disciplining Music confronts a topic that has sparked considerable debate in recent years: how do musicians and music scholars "discipline" music in their efforts to confer order and meaning on it? This collection of essays addresses this issue by formulating questions about music's canons—rules that measure and order, negotiate cultural constraints, reconstruct the past, and shape the future. Written by scholars representing the fields of historical musicology, ethnomusicology, and music theory, many of the essays tug and push at the very boundaries of these traditional division within the study of music.

"Fortunately, in a blaze of good-humored . . . scholarship, [this] book helps brains unaccustomed to thinking about the future without jeopardizing the past imagine the wonder classical-music life might become if it embraced all people and all musics."—Laurence Vittes, Los Angeles Reader

"These essays will force us to rethink our position on many issues. . . [and] advance musicology into the twenty-first century."—Giulio Ongaro, American Music Teacher

With essays by Katherine Bergeron, Philip V. Bohlman, Richard Cohn and Douglas Dempster, Philip Gossett, Robert P. Morgan, Bruno Nettl, Don Michael Randel, Ruth A. Solie, and Gary Tomlinson.
  • Contents 
    • Preface
    • Prologue: Disciplining Music
      • Bergeron, Katherine
    • The Canons in the Musicological Toolbox
      • Randel, Don Michael
    • Sophie Drinker's History
      • Solie, Ruth A.
    • Rethinking Musical Culture: Canonic Reformulations in a Post-Tonal Age
      • Morgan, Robert P.
    • Cultural Dialogics and Jazz: A White Historian Signifies
      • Tomlinson, Gary
    • History and Works That Have No History: Reviving Rossini's Neapolitan Operas
      • Gossett, Philip
    • Ethnomusicology's Challenge to the Canon; the Canon's Challenge to Ethnomusicology
      • Bohlman, Philip V.
    • Mozart and the Ethnomusicological Study of Western Culture: An Essay in Four Movements
      • Nettl, Bruno
    • Hierarchical Unity, Plural Unities: Toward a Reconciliation
      • Cohn, Richard
      • Dempster, Douglas
    • 10 
    • A Lifetime of Chants
      • Bergeron, Katherine
    • 11 
    • Epilogue: Musics and Canons
      • Bohlman, Philip V.
    • Contributors
    • Index

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