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Compassion and Responsibility: Readings in the History of Social Welfare Policy in the United States
by Frank R. Breul and Steven J. Diner
University of Chicago Press, 1985
Paper: 978-0-226-07413-9

  • Contents 
    • Preface
    • Part I. 
    • General Concepts in Social Welfare History: Introduction
      • Compassion and Protection: Dual Motivations in Social Welfare
        • Pumphrey, Ralph E.
      • Social Service and Social Reform: A Historical Essay
        • Chambers, Clarke A.
    • Part II. 
    • Social Welfare in Colonial Times and the Early National Period: Introduction
      • The Development of Poor Relief in Colonial Virginia
        • Jernegan, Marcus Wilson
      • The Puritan Background of the New England Poor Laws
        • Wisner, Elizabeth
      • The Patchwork of Relief in Provincial New York, 1664–1775
        • Schneider, David M.
      • Poor Relief in a Massachusetts Village in the Eighteenth Century
        • Parkhurst, Eleanor
      • Poverty and Its Relief in American Thought, 1815–61
        • Klebaner, Benjamin J.
      • The “Benevolent Fair”: A Study of Charitable Organization among American Women in the First Third of the Nineteenth Century
        • Treudley, Mary Bosworth
      • The Early Days of the Magdalen Society of Philadelphia
        • Teeters, Negley K.
      • The Federal Government and Social Welfare in Early Nineteenth-Century America
        • Trattner, Walter I.
      • The Tragedy of the Ten-Million-Acre Bill
        • Manning, Seaton W.
    • Part III. 
    • Late Nineteenth-Century Reform and Early Twentieth-Century Social Welfare Progress: Introduction
      • Public Welfare in the South during the Reconstruction Era, 1865–80
        • Franklin, John Hope
      • “Scientific Philanthropy,” 1873–93
        • Bremner, Robert H.
      • Raymond Robins: The Settlement Worker as Municipal Reformer
        • Davis, Allen F.
      • Social Settlements and Immigrant Neighbors, 1886–1914
        • White, George Cary
      • Chicago Social Workers and Blacks in the Progressive Era
        • Diner, Steven J.
      • Consensus for Reform: The Mothers'-Pension Movement in the Progressive Era
        • Leff, Mark H.
      • Prelude to Welfare Capitalism: The Role of Business in the Enactment of Workmen's Compensation Legislation in Illinois, 1905–12
        • Castrovinci, Joseph L.
      • Isaac Max Rubinow: Pioneering Specialist in Social Insurance
        • Kreader, J. Lee
      • Women and the Anti-Child Labor Movement in Illinois, 1890–1920
        • Gordon, Lynn
      • The Chicago Playground Movement: A Neglected Feature of Social Justice
        • McArthur, Benjamin
    • Contributors
    • Appendix
    • Index

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