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by Ernst Bloch
translated by Anthony Nassar
Stanford University Press, 2006
Cloth: 978-0-8047-4118-7 | Paper: 978-0-8047-4119-4

Written between 1910 and 1929, Traces is considered Ernst Bloch's most important work next to The Principle of Hope and The Spirit of Utopia. This book, which collects aphorisms, essays, stories, and anecdotes, enacts Bloch's interest in showing how attention to "traces"—to the marks people make or to natural marks—can serve as a mode of philosophizing. In an elegant example of how the literary can become a privileged medium for philosophy, Bloch's chief philosophical invention is to begin with what gives an observer pause—what seems strange and astonishing. He then follows such traces into an awareness of the individual's relations to himself or herself and to history, conceived as a thinking into the unknown, the "not yet," and thus as utopian in essence.

Traces, a masterwork of twentieth-century philosophy, is the most modest and beautiful proof of Bloch's utopian hermeneutics, taking as its source and its result the simplest, most familiar, and yet most striking stories and anecdotes.

Ernst Bloch (1885-1977) was one of the great philosophers and political intellectuals of twentieth-century Germany. Among his works to have appeared in English are The Spirit of Utopia (Stanford University Press, 2000), Literary Essays (Stanford University Press, 1998), The Utopian Function of Art and Literature: Selected Essays (1987), and The Principle of Hope (1986).

“...this is a literary masterpiece. Overall, it is a must for anyone interested in Bloch’s work.”—CHOICE

"This is an important addition to the corpus of Bloch's writings in English." —Philosophy in Review/Comptes Rendus Philosophiques

    @toc2:Not Enough*	000
    Sleeping	000
    Drawn out	000
    Always in It	000
    Mingling	000
    Sing-Song	000
    Slight Change	000
    Lamp and Closet	000
    Learning Good Habits	000
    The "Mark!"	000
    @toc2:The Poor	000
    Filth	000
    The Gift	000
    Different Needs*	000
    Games, Regrettably	000
    The Useful Member	000
    Shaker of Strawberries*	000
    Bread and Games	000
    Narrow-Minded Comrades*	000
    Disturbing Whim	000
    @toc2:Passing It Forward	000
    The Negro	000
    The Watershed	000
    No Face	000
    Comte de Mirabeau	000
    Rich Devil, Poor Devil	000
    The Kitten as David*	000
    Triumphs of Misrecognition	000
    Scribe at the Mairie*	000
    The Beautiful Appearance	000
    The Rococo of Fate	000
    Spirit Still Taking Shape	000
    The Motif of Parting	000
    Supernaturalism, Stupid and Improved*	000
    Strange Homeland, Familiar Exile*	000
    Pippa Passes	000
    The Long Gaze	000
    Reunion Without Connection	000
    The Muse of Restitution	000
    Raphael Without Hands	000
    @toc2:Just Now	000
    Dark by Us	000
    The Fall into the Now	000
    The Spur of Work	000
    No Free Lunch*	000
    Ten Years' Jail, Seven-Meter Train*	000
    Silence and Mirrors	000
    Ways Not to Be Seen	000
    Imminent Boredom	000
    Moment and Image	000
    Potemkin's Signature	000
    Incognito to Oneself*	000
    Motifs of Concealment	000
    Just Knock	000
    The Corner of the Blanket	000
    Short Excursion	000
    Terror and Hope	000
    Excursus: Human and Wax Figure	000
    Nearby: Inn of the Insane	000
    Tableau with Curve*	000
    Some Patterns from the Left Side	000
    The Twice-Disappearing Frame	000
    The Motif of the Door	000
    @toc2:Half Good	000
    The Next Tree	000
    Flower and Unflower*	000
    The Leyden Jar	000
    The First Locomotive	000
    The Urban Peasant	000
    The House of Day	000
    Montages of a February Evening*	000
    An Odd Fl¿neur	000
    Eating Olives Precisely*	000
    Making a Point*	000
    The Reverse of Things	000
    Greeting and Appearance	000
    Motifs of Temptation	000
    Appendix: No Man's Land	000
    A Russian Fairy Tale?*	000
    The Clever Way out	000
    Disappointment with Amusement*	000
    The Invisible Hand	000
    Tales of White Magic	000
    Wonder	000
    The Mountain	000
    Dead and Usable*	000
    The Pearl*	000
    @toc4:Notes	000

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