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Restoring the Pacific Northwest: The Art and Science of Ecological Restoration in Cascadia
edited by Dean Apostol and Marcia Sinclair
foreword by Eric Higgs
Island Press, 2006
Cloth: 978-1-55963-077-1 | Paper: 978-1-55963-078-8 | eISBN: 978-1-61091-103-0

The Pacific Northwest is a global ecological "hotspot" because of its relatively healthy native ecosystems, a high degree of biodiversity, and the number and scope of restoration initiatives that have been undertaken there. Restoring the Pacific Northwest gathers and presents the best examples of state-of-the-art restoration techniques and projects. It is an encyclopedic overview that will be an invaluable reference not just for restorationists and students working in the Pacific Northwest, but for practitioners across North America and around the world.

Dean Apostol is a landscape architect, natural resource planner, writer, and teacher who lives and works on a small farm near Portland, Oregon.

Marcia Sinclair, writer, editor, and consultant, is outreach specialist for the Willamette Partnership. She lives near Portland, Oregon.

"This work summarizes scientific research and presents case studies of applications of ecological restoration in the Pacific Northwest, composed for the purposes of this work of all of the watersheds that flow to the Pacific Ocean through North America's temperate rainforest zone."
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"This courageous and ambitious work makes us recognize that restoration should no longer be seen as many small, piecemeal attempts at site restoration, but as a massive and coordinated movement to revive and strengthen the networks of natural capital and landscape that sustain our cultures, communities, and economies. The multiple authors are to be commended for pulling together in one place such a comprehensive, deep, and ultimately practical guide to what can and should be done to restore a whole region."
— Stephen R. J. Sheppard, Director of Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

"Interest in environmental restoration has exploded in the Pacific Northwest in the last decade. Legions of volunteers and professionals, biologists and planners have been getting their hands dirty, combining science with practice to learn what really works. Restoring the Pacific Northwest is the inspirational, practical, essential reference we all have been waiting for."
— Sara Vickerman, senior director of biodiversity partnerships, Defenders of Wildlife

"Showcasing nine seminal habitat types and illustrating six distinct restoration approaches through more than three dozen case studies, Dean Apostol and Marcia Sinclair have assembled a tour de force, state-of-ecosystem-restoration practice in the Pacific Northwest. All who care about the world our grandchildren inherit owe the authors a heartfelt thanks."
— David W. Hulse, Philip H. Knight Professor in Landscape Architecture, University of Oregon

    Forward By Eric Higgs
    Introduction to Restoring the Pacific Northwest
    Dean Apostol
    Section One: The Big Picture
    Chapter One: Northwest Environmental Geography and History
    Dean Apostol
    Chapter Two: Ecological Restoration 
    Dean Apostol	
    Section Two: Pacific Northwest Ecosystems 
    Chapter 3: Bunchgrass Prairies 
    Marcia Sinclair, Patrick Dunn, Ed Alverson, Peter Dunwiddie, Elizabeth Gray
    Chapter 4: Oak Woodlands and Savannas 
    Paul E. Hosten, O. Eugene Hickman, Frank K. Lake, Frank A. Lang, and David Vesely
    Chapter 5: Old-Growth Conifer Forests 
    Jerry F. Franklin, Dean Rae Berg, Andrew B. Carey, Richard A. Hardt 
    Chapter 6: Riparian Woodlands and Floodplain Forests 
    Dean Apostol and Dean Rae Berg
    Chapter 7: Freshwater Wetlands
    John van Staveren, Dale Groff and Jennifer Goodridge
    Chapter 8: Tidal Wetlands
    Ralph J. Garono, Erin Thompson, and Fritzi Grevstad 
    Chapter 9: Ponderosa Pine and Interior Forests
    Stephen F. Arno and Carl E. Fiedler
    Chapter 10: Sagebrush Steppe 
    Steven O. Link, William H. Mast and Randal W. Hill	
    Chapter 11: Mountains
     Regina M. Rochefort, Laurie L. Kurth, Tara W. Carolin, Jon L. Riedel, Robert R. Mierendorf, Kimberly Frappier, David L. Steensen 
    Section Three: Crossing Boundaries
    Chapter 12: Urban Natural Areas
    Mark Griswald Wilson and Emily Roth 
    Chapter 13: Stream Systems
    Jack E. Williams and Gordon H. Reeves
    Chapter 14: Landscape and Watershed Scale 
    Dean Apostol, Warren Warttig, Bob Carey & Ben Perkowski
    Chapter 15: Wildlife Populations 
    Bruce H. Campbell, Bob Altman, Edward E. Bangs, Doug W. Smith, Blair Csuti, David W. Hays, Frank Slavens, Kate Slavens, Cheryl Schultz, Robert W. Butler
    Chapter Sixteen: Managing Northwest Invasive Species
    Dave Polster, Jonathan Soll, and Judth Meyers
    Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Restoration Practice
    Ren¿ Senos, Frank Lake, Nancy Turner, and Dennis Martinez
    Conclusion: The Status and Future of Restoration in the Pacific Northwest
    Dean Apostol and Marcia Sinclair
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