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Day by Day: The Chronicles of a Hard of Hearing Reporter
by Elizabeth Thompson
Gallaudet University Press, 2008
Paper: 978-1-56368-370-1 | eISBN: 978-1-56368-425-8


The Seventh Volume in the Deaf Lives Series

Elizabeth Thompson’s hearing loss was detected when she was in elementary school, and her hearing continued to deteriorate until she became completely deaf. Like many other hard of hearing and late-deafened individuals, her hearing loss complicated the general challenges of life. She struggled through school, worked as a secretary, married, had a daughter, and then found herself living as a single mother. She remarried, and soon after learned that she had contracted Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Despite these hurdles, Thompson always expressed her determination to enjoy the best life had to offer. Her astonishing exuberance might have gone unnoticed if she hadn’t accepted a new position as a reporter/columnist in 1998 for the Suburban News Publications (SNP). Day by Day: The Chronicles of a Hard of Hearing Reporter presents a marvelous blend of her experiences and best SNP columns that illustrate how she crafted her remarkable outlook.

In her columns, Thompson presented how she handled her hearing loss as a personal guide for readers. She used every stratagem available to function full-throttle – hearing aids, FM systems, lights for alarms, TTYs, even training her dog Snert. She also gently counseled readers on how to treat deaf and hard of hearing people with practical consideration and respect. Her pursuit of a fully realized life enabled her to do what she loved most, to meet and write about inspiring persons, many of whom are profiled in her memoir. Thompson eventually underwent cochlear implantation that restored 95% of her hearing, an exalting moment for her. Yet, Day by Day celebrates the entire arc of her life, a wonderful testament to her joyous resilience.


Elizabeth Thompson writes and lives in Grove City, OH.

    Foreword 									 0	Martin L. Rozenman
    Acknowledgments								 0 									 
    Introduction								 0		
    1. Acknowledging Differences						 1
    2. I Can?t Hear You When I Yawn						 XX	
    3. You Are One in Millions							 XX 
    4. Insensitive Questions							 XX
    5. What is Your Shoe Size?							 XX
    6. Stories ? Growing up Deaf in a Hearing Family				 XXX
    7. Marriage Vows are Reality						 XXX
    8. File it Away								 XXX 
    9. Listening and Hearing							 XXX
    10. Enjoy the Ride								 XXX
    11. Employer/Employee Blues						 XXX
    12. Twisted Fingers								 XXX
    13. Mouth Wide Open							 XXX
    14. When Batteries Die							 XXX
    15. Worship									 XXX
    16. Mickey Mouse Voices						 	 XXX
    17. Looking Both Ways						 	 XXX
    18. Suweet-suwee-suweet							 XXX
     Appendix 1. Estimates of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Population 
    in the United States								 XXX Appendix 2. Glossary							 XXX
    Appendix 3. A Technical Description of Cochlear Implant Mapping	 XXX
    	Paula Dendiu Beale, M.A., CCC-A

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