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East African Mammals: An Atlas of Evolution in Africa, Volume 2, Part A: Insectivores and Bats
by Jonathan Kingdon
University of Chicago Press, 1984
Paper: 978-0-226-43719-4

Acclaimed and coveted by both naturalists and lovers of wildlife illustration, Jonathan Kingdon's seven-volume East African Mammals has become a classic of modern natural history. This paperback edition makes Kingdon's remarkable artistic and scientific achievement—his hundreds of drawings and perceptive study of all the mammals in East Africa's species-rich fauna—available to the wide audience it deserves. 

Volume IIA of East African Mammals begins a two-part study of East Africa's smallest and least conspicuous mammals. It deals with bats and insectivores, including tenrecs, moles, hedgehogs, and shrews.

In each volume Kingdon combines his text with hundreds of finished drawings and quick sketches, the latter a form of field note that provides an incomparable description of the animal's movements and personality. Kingdom explains his drawings "as a wordless questioning of form. . . . The probing pencil is like the dissecting scalpel, seeking to expose relevant structures that may not be immediately obvious and are certainly hidden from the shadowy world of the camera lens." As an artist, Kingdon's achievement has been compared with Audubon's; as a scientist, his work has made these volumes indispensable to any serious student of East African mammals.

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