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Changing Populations/Changing Schools
edited by Erwin Flaxman and A. Harry Passow
University of Chicago Press, 1995
Cloth: 978-0-226-60167-0

Changing Populations/Changing Schools features twelve studies of the failure of public schools in the United States to meet the educational needs of minority, economically disadvantaged, and non-native English speaking students.

The studies trace defects in schooling to specific methods of instruction, the practice of separating students according to ability, poorly executed government education policies, and a lack of research on the benefits of programs aimed at expanding the role of families in education or providing social services in low income neighborhoods. Topics include vocational training, programs for gifted students, "skills and drills" teaching techniques, the organization of schools and districts, the interrelationship of educational development, family, and community, and the progress of government programs designed to compensate for deficiencies, accommodate differences, and overcome imbalances.

The researchers also address arguments that attribute the low performance of some students to their lack of character, motivation, or self-esteem and outline new approaches to instruction, curricula, and intervention to improve the education of students with special needs.

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