Textbook of Israeli Hebrew
by Haiim B. Rosén
University of Chicago Press, 1976
Cloth: 978-0-226-72602-1 | Paper: 978-0-226-72603-8

The aim of this book is to enable the student to read, write, and speak acceptable Israeli Hebrew and to understand less complex biblical Hebrew. A unique feature is the author's use of the principles of structural analysis. For students who are not acquainted with a language other than English, he elucidates those features of the language that are unfamiliar in the structure of English. The student is trained, from the first, to read "unvocalized" script as the native reader does, and "reading clues" (word and phrase patterns) are provided for this purpose.

The work is organized into sections that can be worked through in an academic year—presentation of features, text samples, exercises, grammatical synopses, and individual and comprehensive glossaries. This text may be used by teachers without specialized training in linguistics. It can be used by self-teaching students as well as by those at college level, and it will valuable for immigrants to Israel.

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