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Mine Okubo
by Greg Robinson and Elena Tajima Creef
University of Washington Press, 2008
Paper: 978-0-295-98774-3
Library of Congress Classification N6537.O395M56 2008
Dewey Decimal Classification 759.13

    Preface, by Greg Robinson and Elena Tajima Creef
    Following Her Own Road: The Achievement of Miné Okubo, by Elena Tajima Creef 
    Part I. An Artistic and Literary Portfolio
    A selection of drawings and paintings, by Miné Okubo
    1. Riverside, by Miné Okubo and Fay Chiang
    2. An Artist's Credo: A Personal Statement, by Miné Okubo 
    3. An Evacuee's Hopesand Memories, by Miné Okubo 
    4. Statement before the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of 
    	Civilians, by Miné Okubo 
    5. Letters from Miné Okubo to Isamu Noguchi
    6. Letters from Miné Okubo to Dr. Roy W. Leeper
    Part II. Scholarly Essays
    7. Gestures of Noncompliance: Resisting, Inventing, and Enduring in Citizen 
    	13660, by Vivian Fumiko Chin
    8. Miné Okubo's War: Citizen 13660's Attack on Government Propaganda, by 
    	Heather Fryer
    9. "To Keep a Record of Life": Miné Okubo's Autographic Manga and Wartime 
    	History, by Kimberley L. Phillips
    10. Miné Okubo's Citizen 13660 and Her Trek Artwork: Space, Movement, Image, 
    	Text, and Their Sites of Production, by Lynne Horiuchi
    11. Miné Okubo's Illustrations for Trek Magazine: Sites of Resistance, by Laura 
    12. Paradoxes of Citizenship: Reviewing the Japanese American Internment in 
    	Miné Okubo's Citizen 13660, by Stella Oh
    13. Birth of a Citizen: Miné Okubo and the Politics of Symbolism, by Greg 
    Part III. Reminiscences and Tributes
    14. Holding Center: Tanforan Race Track, Spring 1942, by James Masao Mitsui
    15. A Remembering, by Sohei Hohri
    16. A Tribute to Miné Okubo, by Greg Robinson
    17. A Memory of Genius, by Shirley Geok-lin Lim 
    A Partial Chronology of Miné Okubo's Life and Work 
    Selected Bibliography 
    Illustration Credits

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