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Leadership in the Modern Presidency
by Fred I. Greenstein
Harvard University Press, 1988
Cloth: 978-0-674-51854-4 | Paper: 978-0-674-51855-1
Library of Congress Classification E176.1.L33 1988
Dewey Decimal Classification 973.90922

Nine eminent political scientists and historians here present their assessments of the leadership styles and organizational talents of presidents from Franklin D. Roosevelt through Ronald Reagan. Their insights and anecdotes provide an unprecedented opportunity to observe the presidency within historical context.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Toward a Modern Presidency
Fred I. Greenstein

1. Franklin D. Roosevelt: The First Modern President
William E. Leuchtenburg
2. Harry S. Truman: Insecurity and Responsibility
Alonzo L. Hamby
3. Dwight D. Eisenhower: Leadership Theorist in the White House
Fred I. Greenstein
4. John F. Kennedy: The Endurance of Inspirational Leadership
Carl M. Brauer
5. Lyndon B. Johnson: Paths Chosen and Opportunities Lost
Larry Berman
6. Richard M. Nixon: The Corporate Presidency
Joan Hoff- Wilson
7. Gerald R. Ford: A Healing Presidency
Roger Porter
8. Jimmy Carter: The Politics of Public Goods
Erwin C. Hargrove
9. Ronald Reagan: The Primacy of Rhetoric
William K. Muir, Jr.
10. Nine Presidents in Search of a Modern Presidency
Fred I. Greenstein


Reviews of this book:
Leadership in the Modern Presidency provides rich fare for the ardent American tribe of president-watchers and policy diagnosticians.
--Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., Political Science Quarterly

Reviews of this book:
This compilation represents an all-too-rare accomplishment. The individual essays are as scholastically rigorous as one would ever care to read, yet they rarely lose their clear-eyed readability . . . A vivid account of the evolution of the presidency into the modern, highly complex, highly influential office we know today. It is highly recommended to anyone interested in understanding how our country is led, and by whom.
--Peter Osterlund, The Christian Science Monitor

A lively collection. Leuchtenburg on FDR is the best thing going in short form. Muir on Reagan is sure to cause a controversy Greenstein is helpful and original as usual. And there's still more!
--Richard E. Neustadt, Harvard University
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