Leadership: Beyond Establishment Views
edited by James G. Hunt, Uma Sekaran and Chester A. Schriesheim
Southern Illinois University Press, 1981
eISBN: 978-0-8093-8439-6 | Cloth: 978-0-8093-1026-5
Library of Congress Classification HM141.L393
Dewey Decimal Classification 303.34


Volume 6 of the Leadership Symposia—sponsored by the Department of Admin­istrative Sciences and College of Business Ad­ministration at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale—charts the state of the field of leadership through a judicious mixture of established and emerging scholars.

The text is broken into four parts, with each part containing an Introduction by the editors. Part 1 consists of “Leadership and Managerial Behavior as Loosely Coupled Systems for Moving Beyond Establishment Views,” by the editors; “The Relevance of Some Studies of Managerial Work and Be­havior to Leadership Research,” Rosemary Stewart; “Unstructured, Nonparticipant Ob­servation and the Study of Leaders’ Interper­sonal Contacts,” Robert S. Bussom, Lars L. Larson, and William M. Vicars; “Leaders on Line,” Michael M. Lombardo and Morgan W. McCall, Jr.; and “Various Paths Beyond Es­tablishment Views,” Bernard Wilpert.

Part 2 contains “Multiplexed Supervision and Leadership,” Fred Dansereau, Jr., Joseph A. Alutto, Steven E. Markham, and Mac­Donald Dumas; “A Theory of Leadership Categorization,” Robert G. Lord, Roseanne J.     Foti, and James S. Phillips; “Leadership Ac­tivation Theory,” John E. Sheridan, Jeffrey L. Kerr, and Michael A. Abelson; and “Intensity of Relation, Dyadic-Group Considerations, Cognitive Categorization, and Transforma­tional Leadership,” Bernard M. Bass; “Strat­egies for Dealing with Different Processes in Different Contexts,” Ian Morley, “A Multi­plexed Response to Bass and Morley,” Fred Dansereau, Jr., Joseph A. Alutto, Steven E. Markham, and MacDonald Dumas; and “Properly Categorizing the Commentary,” Roseanne J. Foti, Robert G. Lord, and James S. Phillips.

Part 3 contains “SYMLOG and Leader­ship Theory,” Robert F. Bales and Daniel J. Isenberg; “Toward a Macro-Oriented Model of Leadership: An Odyssey,” James G. Hunt and Richard N. Osborn; and “Toward a Par­adigm Shift in the Study of Leadership,” Henry J. Tosi, Jr.

Essays in part 4 are “If You’re Not Serving Bill and Barbara, Then You’re Not Serving Leadership,” Henry Mintzberg; “Beyond Establishment Leadership Views: An Epilog,” by the editors; “Leadership Research and the European Connection: An Epilog,” Dian-­Marie Hosking and James G. Hunt; and “Conclusion: The Leadership-Management Controversy Revisited,” Schriesheim, Hunt, and Sekaran.

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