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The Community-Based PhD: Complexities and Triumphs of Conducting CBPR
edited by Sonya Atalay and Alexandra C McCleary
University of Arizona Press, 2022
Paper: 978-0-8165-4325-0 | eISBN: 978-0-8165-4533-9
Library of Congress Classification LB2326.3

Community-based participatory research (CBPR) presents unique ethical and practical challenges, particularly for graduate students. This volume explores the nuanced experience of conducting CBPR as a PhD student. It explains the essential roles of developing trust and community relationships, the uncertainty in timing and direction of CBPR projects that give decision-making authority to communities, and the politics and ethical quandaries when deploying CBPR approaches—both for communities and for graduate students.

The Community-Based PhD brings together the experiences of PhD students from a range of disciplines discussing CBPR in the arts, humanities, social sciences, public health, and STEM fields. They write honestly about what worked, what didn’t, and what they learned. Essays address the impacts of extended research time frames, why specialized skill sets may be needed to develop community-driven research priorities, the value of effective relationship building with community partners, and how to understand and navigate inter- and intra-community politics.

This volume provides frameworks for approaching dilemmas that graduate student CBPR researchers face. They discuss their mistakes, document their successes, and also share painful failures and missteps, viewing them as valuable opportunities for learning and pushing the field forward. Several chapters are co-authored by community partners and provide insights from diverse community perspectives. The Community-Based PhD is essential reading for graduate students, scholars, and the faculty who mentor them in a way that truly crosses disciplinary boundaries.

Anna S. Antoniou
Amy Argenal
Sonya Atalay
Stacey Michelle Chimimba Ault
Victoria Bochniak
Megan Butler
Elias Capello
Ashley Collier-Oxandale
Samantha Cornelius
Annie Danis
Earl Davis
John Doyle
Margaret J. Eggers
Cyndy Margarita García-Weyandt
R. Neil Greene
D. Kalani Heinz
Nicole Kaechele
Myra J. Lefthand
Emily Jean Leischner
Christopher B. Lowman
Geraldine Low-Sabado
Alexandra G. Martin
Christine Martin
Alexandra McCleary
Chelsea Meloche
Bonnie Newsom
Katherine L. Nichols
Claire Novotny
Nunanta (Iris Siwallace)
Reidunn H. Nygård
Francesco Ripanti
Elena Sesma
Eric Simons
Cassie Lynn Smith
Tanupreet Suri
Emery Three Irons
Arianna Trott
Cecilia I. Vasquez
Kelly D. Wiltshire
Julie Woods
Sara L. Young
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