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Principles of Autonomic-Somatic Integrations: Physiological Basis and Psychological and Clinical Implications
by Ernst Gellhorn
University of Minnesota Press, 1967
Paper: 978-0-8166-6863-2

Principles of Autonomic-Somatic Integrations was first published in 1967.For a number of years Dr. Gellhorn, a professor emeritus of neurophysiology at the University of Minnesota, conducted research on various problems stemming from the need for a better understanding of the autonomic nervous system. In this book he continues his contributions on the subject, providing a significant analysis of the relationship between the autonomic and somatic systems and the implications for medicine and psychology of the principles established. The book is based on an extensive review of the international literature, of which more than 1,000 references are cited.Dr. Gellhorn points out that research in the last two decades has shown that hypothalamic and reticular mechanisms play a fundamental role in the regulation of somatic sensory and motor functions as well as visceral functions. The role of such mechanisms in functions that represent fragments of behavior has been studied in great detail, and the importance of the mechanisms in the integration of diverse systems has been emphasized. He now suggests that a few basic principles are involved in the integration of a complex maze of organs and processes and that this integration results in a coherent pattern of total behavior. In the light of these principles he provides a broad physiological interpretation of behavior and explores various clinical implications.The book will be of particular interest to physiologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, and psychologists.

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