edited by Roy S. Dickens Jr and H. Trawick Ward
University of Alabama Press, 1985
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Library of Congress Classification E78.S65S77 1985
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A Dan Josselyn Memorial Publication

Within the general structure-and-process theme of this compendium, the authors have focused on either intrasite problems (those dealing with the formation and structure of a site, type of site, or type of feature) or intersite problems (those dealing with behavioral organization and process as developed from comparative site data). These papers, from a broad range of specialists, present a comprehensive study of southeastern archaeology.

Section I: Intrasite Structure and Formation Processes

Formation Processes for the Practical Prehistorian: An Example from the Southeast, J. Jefferson Reid

The Form, Function, and Formation of Garbage-filled Pits on Southeastern Aboriginal Sites: An Archaeobotanical Analysis, Roy S. Dickens Jr.

Feature Zones and Feature Fill: More Than Trash, Jack H. Wilson Jr.

Social Implications of Storage and Disposal Patterns, H. Trawick Ward

The Form and Function of South Carolina's Early Woodland Shell Rings, Michael B. Trinkley

A New Way of Looking at Old Holes: Methods for Excavating and Interpreting Timber Structures, Alexander H. Morrison II

Section II: Intersite Comparisons and Regional Chronology

Archaeology and the Archaic Period in the Southern Ridge-and-Valley Province, Jefferson Chapman

Intersite Assemblage Variability in the Lower Little Tennessee River Valley: Exploring Extinct Settlement Systems Through Probabilistic Sampling, R. P. Stephen Davis Jr.

Lithic Scatters in the South Carolina Piedmont, Veletta Canouts and Albert C. Goodyear III

Tradition and Typology: Basic Elements of the Carolina Projectile Point Sequence, Billy L. Oliver

Model and Sequence in the Maryland Archaic, Kit W. Wesler

Spheres of Cultural Interaction across the Coastal Plain of Virginia in the Woodland Period, Keith T. Egloff

Early Hopewellian Ceremonial Encampments in the South Appalachian Highlands, John A. Walthall

Deep Water and High Ground: Seventeenth-Century Settlement Patterns on the Carolina Coast, Stanley South and Michael O. Hartley

Epilogue: Joffre Lanning Coe: The Quiet Giant of Southeastern Archaeology, James B. Griffin