by Clarence Bloomfield Moore
edited by Craig T. Sheldon, Jr.
University of Alabama Press, 2001
eISBN: 978-0-8173-8499-9 | Paper: 978-0-8173-1019-6
Library of Congress Classification E78.A28M68 2001
Dewey Decimal Classification 976.101


Covering 19 years of excavations, this volume provides an invaluable collection of Moore's pioneering archaeological investigations along Alabama's waterways.

In 1996, The University of Alabama Press published The Moundville Expeditions of Clarence Bloomfield Moore, which covered a large part of Moore's early archaeological expeditions to the state of Alabama. This volume collects the balance of Moore's Alabama expeditions, with the exception of those Moore made along the Tennessee River, which will be collected in another, forthcoming volume focusing on the Tennessee basin.

This volume includes:

Certain Aboriginal Remains of the Alabama River (1899);

Certain Aboriginal Remains of the Tombigbee River(1901);

a portion of Certain Aboriginal Remains of the Northwest Florida Coast (1901);

The So-Called "Hoe-Shaped Implement" (1903);

Aboriginal Urn-Burial in the United States (1904);

A Form of Urn-Burial on Mobile Bay (1905);

Certain Aboriginal Remains of the Lower Tombigbee River (1905);

Certain Aboriginal Remains on Mobile Bay and on Mississippi Sound (1905);

a portion of Mounds of the Lower Chattahoochee and Lower Flint Rivers (1907);

a portion of The Northwest Florida Coast Revisited(1918).

Craig Sheldon's comprehensive introduction focuses both on the Moore expeditions and on subsequent archaeological excavations at
sites investigated by Moore. Sheldon places Moore's archaeological work in the context of his times and against the backdrop of similar investigations in the Southeast. Sheldon discusses practical matters, such as the various assistants Moore employed and their roles in these historic expeditions. He provides brief vignettes of daily life on the Gopher and describes Moore's work habits, revealing professional and personal biographical details previously unknown about this enigmatic archaeologist.