Multispecies Studies
edited by Thom van Dooren, Ursula Münster, Eben Kirksey, Deborah Bird Rose, Matthew Chrulew and Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing
Duke University Press, 2016
Paper: 978-0-8223-6392-7

A special issue of Environmental Humanities

The emerging field of multispecies studies, grounded in passionate immersion in the lives of fungi, microorganisms, animals, plants, and others, is opening up novel ways of engaging with worlds around us. This issue brings together some of the leading scholars in this field to explore what is at stake—epistemologically, politically, ethically—for different forms of life caught up in diverse relationships of knowing and living together. The collection takes us into the worlds of sheep and shepherds; of stones, worms, salmon, and forest-devouring beetles; of viruses and their elephants; of seals, crows, and lava flows in Hawaii; and finally of frogs-as-pregnancy-tests and possible agents of pathogenic fungal spread. Each of the contributors explores what difference curious and careful attention to others might make in our efforts to inhabit and coconstitute flourishing worlds in these difficult times.

Matthew Chrulew, Vinciane Despret, Dehlia Hannah, Eben Kirksey, Jamie Lorimer, Charlie Lotterman, Celia Lowe, Michel Meuret, Lisa Jean Moore, Ursula Münster, Hugo Reinert, Deborah Bird Rose, Anna Tsing, Thom van Dooren, Maria Whiteman, Cary Wolfe

This issue is freely available online at; a print version is available for purchase.

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