by Arif Dirlik
Duke University Press
Paper: 978-0-8223-6689-8

“Snapshots of Intellectual Life in Contemporary PR China” discusses changes that have taken place in Chinese intellectual life over the past decade, the self-reflection that these changes have provoked among Chinese intellectuals, and the ways in which these changes have been received in the United States. Featuring essays by intellectuals from throughout Asia, this special issue of boundary 2 examines how China’s changing economy creates both new problems and new opportunities. These essays explore contemporary discussions concerning education and culture as China aspires to create innovative world-class universities and new national universities. Others discuss the question of “Chineseness” as an ideological operator within China, throughout the Chinese diaspora, and increasingly across the competitive globalized economy of culture and ideas.

Contributors: Chris King Chi Chan, Chu Yiu-Wai, Alexander Day, Arif Dirlik, Han Shaogong, Pun Ngai, Fengzhen Wang, Wang Hui, Wang Shaoguang, Shaobo Xie, Yu Keping

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