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Patton's War: An American General’s Combat Leadership, Volume I: November 1942–July 1944
by Kevin M. Hymel
University of Missouri Press
eISBN: 978-0-8262-7463-2 | Cloth: 978-0-8262-2245-9

During his life, George S. Patton Jr. starred as an Olympic athlete in the 1912 Stockholm games, chased down Mexican bandits, and led tanks into battle in World War I. But he is best remembered for his exploits on the field of battle in World War II. Patton’s War, the first of two volumes, follows the general from the beaches of Morocco to the fields of France, right before the birth of Third Army on the continent. In highly engaging fashion, Kevin Hymel uncovers new facts and challenges long-held beliefs about the mercurial Patton, not only examining his relationships with his superiors and fellow generals and colonels, but also with the soldiers of all ranks whom he led. Through extensive research of soldiers’ memoirs and interviews, Hymel adds a new dimension to the telling of Patton’s WWII story.

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