by Alison M. Armstrong and Lisa Dinkle
American Library Association, 2020
Paper: 978-0-8389-4802-6
Library of Congress Classification Z675.U5A5955 2020
Dewey Decimal Classification 025.21877


Library liaisons often have primary jobs that do not involve collection development, but their familiarity with collection practices makes all the difference in faculty relations. And time pressures mean that on-boarding needs to be as streamlined as possible. This concise, field-tested training manual will put your liaison on solid footing. Plus, end of the chapter prompts make it easy to tailor your approach to local practices. With the help of this resource, your new liaison will get up to speed on such topics as

  • tracking budget balances in assigned departments;

  • differentiating between the needs of an individual faculty member and their department;

  • how to say no to monograph requests;

  • benchmarking titles with peer institutions or coordinating within a consortium;

  • 17 questions to ask when evaluating a database;

  • considerations when making weeding decisions;

  • four key conversations to have annually between liaisons and collection development librarians; and

  • gathering data for program accreditation reports.