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The Mishnah in Contemporary Perspective, Volume 1
edited by Alan J. Avery-Peck and Jacob Neusner
SBL Press, 2016
Paper: 978-0-88414-135-8


Now in Paperback!

In the past thirty years, the Mishnah has taken its place as a principal focus in the academic study of religion and of Judaism. Many university scholars have participated in the contemporary revolution in the description, analysis, and interpretation of the Mishnah. Nearly all the publishing scholars of the academy who are now at work are represented in this project. Both essential volumes present a broad selection of approaches to the study of the Mishnah. What they prove in diverse ways is that the Mishnah defines the critical focus of the study of Judaism. It is a document that rewards study in the academic humanities.


  • The best of contemporary scholarship on the Mishnah

  • The most representative selection of contemporary Mishnah-study contributions available in any collection in a Western language

  • Paperback format of an essential Brill reference work

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