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Blood and Capital: The Paramilitarization of Colombia
by Jasmin Hristov
Ohio University Press, 2009
Paper: 978-0-89680-267-4 | eISBN: 978-0-89680-466-1
Library of Congress Classification HV6322.3.C7H75 2009
Dewey Decimal Classification 986.10635

WOLA-Duke Book Award Finalist

In Blood and Capital:  The Paramilitarization of Colombia, Jasmin Hristov examines the complexities, dynamics, and contradictions of present-day armed conflict in Colombia. She conducts an in-depth inquiry into the restructuring of the state’s coercive apparatus and the phenomenon of paramilitarism by looking at its military, political, and legal dimensions. Hristov demonstrates how various interrelated forms of violence by state forces, paramilitary groups, and organized crime are instrumental to the processes of capital accumulation by the local elite as well as the exercise of political power by foreign enterprises. Issues of forced displacement, proletarianization of peasants, concentration of landownership, growth in urban and rural poverty, and human rights violations are viewed in relation to the use of legal means and extralegal armed force by local dominant groups and foreign companies to advance their economic interests.

After documenting the penetration of major state institutions by right-wing armed groups and the persistence of human rights violations against social movements and sectors of the low-income population, Blood and Capital raises crucial questions about the promised dismantling of paramilitarism and the validity of the so-called demobilization of paramilitary groups, both of which have been widely considered by North American and some European governments as proof of current Colombian president Álvaro Uribe’s advances in the wars on terror and drugs.

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