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Spanish Phonology: A Syllabic Perspective
by Sonia Colina
Georgetown University Press, 2010
Paper: 978-1-58901-262-2
Library of Congress Classification PC4131.C58 2009
Dewey Decimal Classification 461.5


Spanish Phonology offers a comprehensive analysis of a variety of crucial issues in the phonology and morphophonology of various dialects of Spanish including syllable types, syllabification algorithms, syllable repair mechanisms, syllable mergers, nasal assimilation, obstruent vocalization and spirantization, obstruent neutralization, diphthongs and hiatuses, glide formation, onset strengthening, aspiration, rhotics, velarization, plural formation, word classes, and diminutives.

Written from the perspective of optimality theory and with syllabic structure at its core, this volume highlights recent advances in Spanish phonology.

The book includes margin notes to highlight key points and a glossary of constraints. Each chapter includes study questions, lists of the most influential sources for each chapter, and topics for further research. Spanish Phonology is intended as core reading for advanced phonology courses in Spanish linguistics, general linguistics, and related areas such as bilingualism, language variation, language acquisition, and speech and hearing.

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