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Coming of Age: Teaching and Learning Popular Music in Academia
edited by Carlos Rodriguez
Michigan Publishing Services, 2017
Cloth: 978-1-60785-383-1 | eISBN: 978-1-60785-384-8

As the 21st Century’s third decade approaches, popular music study has achieved greater scope, depth, and prominence in academic departments of music conservatories than ever before. Musicology, music theory, and music education scholars have recognized the significant role and influence of popular music in contemporary society, and also in their own lives, utilizing their personal insights to broaden disciplinary boundaries while more directly addressing the needs for musical understanding in the communities they serve.

This book is a collection of essays originally presented at Ann Arbor Symposium IV, Teaching and Learning Popular Music, at the University of Michigan. Organized into four sections of similar-themed writings, the essays trace numerous discourses, principles, methods, and prospects for popular music education in academia. Additionally, the book contains several features that are useful for modern-day scholars and their institutions. First, it acknowledges the gradual liquidation of traditional disciplinary boundaries, signaling the likely future dominance of interdisciplinary research and collaborations. Second, it values international perspectives of music teaching and learning. Third, the selected topics, methodologies, and predictions provide a working agenda for the future development and success of popular music teaching and learning.
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