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Radar and Electronic Warfare Principles for the Non-Specialist
by Paul Hannen
The Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2014
Paper: 978-1-61353-011-5
Library of Congress Classification TK6575.H3188 2014
Dewey Decimal Classification 621.3848


This book presents a comprehensive set of radar and electronic warfare principles including many of the latest applications in a clear and consistent manner.

Following on from the 3rd edition of this book (2004) Radar and Electronic Warfare Principles for the Non-specialist, 4th Edition, remains true to the traditional strength of the book, providing radar principles for the non-specialist, and also now introducing EW principles. All radar-related material has been reviewed, revised and enhanced as necessary.

New to this edition:

  • Significant revisions to; target signal-to-noise ratio, target detection theory, array antennas, radar measurements and tracking, and target signatures
  • The addition of new EW-related material addressing electronic support (ES), electronic attack (EA), and electronic protection (EP)
  • The advanced radar concepts chapter has been revised, including the addition of a section on modern multi-function, -mode, -mission radar systems.
  • Most of the chapters are stand-alone allowing the reader to be selective and still benefit from the content.
  • Exercises at the end of each chapter are provided to reinforce the concepts presented and illustrate their applications, making this book ideal for academic learning, training courses or self-study.

Topics covered include: electromagnetic propagation, target detection, antennas, measurements and tracking, radar cross section and system applications.

By reading this book, you should expect to be able to conduct a respectable, first-order radar system design or analysis and perform a first-order EW system design or analysis. This book will also provide you with the skills to critique the designs or analysis of others.

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