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Go Deep. Take Chances.: Embracing the Muse and Creative Writing
by Roger Armbrust
Parkhurst Brothers, Inc., 2018
Paper: 978-1-62491-090-6 | eISBN: 978-1-62491-091-3


What are the drivers of creative writing:: passion, drive, and fear of rejection? What is the cardinal rule: honesty (to a vision, a voice)? Armbrust, an editor and creative-writing instructor, argues that the struggle to write is reflective of the deeper spiritual consciousness of the writer. 

He challenges writers to address their inner demons, being honest to their truest selves, and to wrestle their eepest doubts in their quest to produce the best literature. 

“One semester, my creative mentor William Packard asked me to teach his poetry-writing course at New York University’s School of Continuing Education and Professional Studies. He did so because I had taken the course, he considered me a good poet, and knew I was teaching a professional-writing course of my own at NYU. Each time I’d walk in to instruct his poetry-writing class, I’d scratch on the chalkboard two brief sentences: Go Deep. Take Chances. These two suggestions represent, I believe, the keys to creativity.” Many nutsand- bolts pointers (gleaned from decades of writing and advising others) benefit writers of all experience levels. 

This book leads writers to better understand and execute the extremely focused work of creative writing, while at the same time enjoying a fuller sense of self, serenity and fulfillment.

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