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Further Adventures of the Boo Baby Girl
by Jim May
Parkhurst Brothers, Inc., 2018
Paper: 978-1-62491-124-8 | Cloth: 978-1-62491-119-4 | eISBN: 978-1-62491-120-0

The Boo Baby girl tires of the boring life of a baby, crawling around, getting up, falling down, walking around the coffee table, falling down . . . she aims for more so she climbs out the window—miraculously, as soon as she is out the window she can walk, run, climb, and talk like a grownup.  So she heads out to seek her fortune.

The first adventure she has is rescuing Bootsie, The Cattle-hearding Chiahuahua.  Bootsie has been kicked by a cow and is bleeding. Boo has some band aids in her pack – this pack will be like Bill Lepp’s magical Swiss Army Knife, containing everything from sophisticated medical supplies, to lasers, to time machines, and, of course her pacifier, which she affectionately calls her “suckie.”

She saves Bootsie, who is bilingual. He thanks her in Spanish: “Muchas Gracias mi muchacha.” She does not understand so not only do they have adventures for the rest of the book but he teaches her some fun Spanish phrases like: NO TOQUEZ NADA (Don’t Touch!) if someone is bothering them. Their main job is to face ghosts, and monsters, demons: boogies, the boo hag, banshees, and . . . 

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