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Tomorrow's Storytellers Today: A New Generation of Storytellers Assesses the State of the Art
edited by Kevin D. Cordi
Parkhurst Brothers, Inc., 2021
eISBN: 978-1-62491-137-8 | Paper: 978-1-62491-140-8

Kevin Cordi, educator and champion of a new generation of storytellers, elicits insights on the challenges young talents face as they practice an ancient art form in today’s culture:
•     Charles Parrott on truth claims in storytelling today
•     Danielle Bellone on the blending of old forms and new audience concerns
•     Alison Bergblom Johnson on the storyteller’s relationship to the story
•     Cooper Braun on what works and what doesn’t when telling hard or “dark” stories
•     Marie Lupine-Durocher and Petronella van Dijk on what wonder tales teach the next generation of storytellers
•     Carolina Quiroga-Stultz on storytelling that starts conversations about frontiers and borders
•    And eleven more chapters of stories and examination of the art of storytelling in the current era.
The contributors come from many different storytelling traditions as well as many modern subcultures. Their concerns will be of interest to educators, storytellers, art watchers, and cultural thinkers. There is no other book like Tomorrow’s Storytellers Today.
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