edited by Peter Dombrowski and Andrew C. Winner
contributions by James R. Holmes, Toshi Yoshihara, Rodger A. Payne, Michael Auslin, Teresita C. Schaffer, Andrew C. Winner, Peter Dombrowski, Andrew C. Winner, Andrew C. Winner, Peter Dombrowski, Walter C. Ladwig III, William Martel and Christopher Preble
Georgetown University Press, 2014
eISBN: 978-1-62616-150-4 | Paper: 978-1-62616-079-8 | Cloth: 978-1-62616-140-5
Library of Congress Classification DS341.3.U6I53 2014
Dewey Decimal Classification 355.033573091824


The Indian Ocean, with its critical routes for global commerce, is a potentially volatile location for geopolitical strife. Even as the region’s role in the international economy and as a highway to conflict zones increases, the US has failed to advance a coherent strategy for protecting its interests in the Indian Ocean or for managing complex diplomatic relationships across the region. The Indian Ocean and US Grand Strategy presents a range of viewpoints about whether and how the US should alter its diplomatic and military strategies for this region.

Contributors examine US interests in the Indian Ocean, assess the relative critical importance or imperiled nature of these interests, and propose solutions for American strategy ranging from minimal change to maximum engagement. The book concludes with a comparative assessment of these options and a discussion of their implications for US policymakers. This volume’s perspectives and analysis of the Indian Ocean region will be valued by scholars and students of US foreign policy, South Asia, and security studies as well as by diplomats, military officers, and other practitioners.