Je me souviens: Histoire, culture, et littérature du Québec francophone
by Elizabeth Blood
Georgetown University Press
Paper: 978-1-62616-161-0


"With Je me souviens, Blood and Morrissette have produced a unique one-semester cultural and literary reader that will acquaint students in French with the history and contemporary issues that have made Québec the complex and fascinatingly vibrant society it is today. Even instructors already familiar with this francophone region will find selections that will engage their students' curiosity and enrich their own understanding." -- Miléna Santoro, vice-president for the Americas and Asia Pacific for the International Association for Québec Studies and associate professor of French and Québec Studies, Georgetown University

"Using an interdisciplinary approach through a variety of texts and documents, Je me souviens provides an excellent overview of Québec from different perspectives. Well organized, thought-provoking, and enriched by a wealth of illustrations, this textbook is unique for its content and will appeal to students from various backgrounds." -- Marie-Christine Weidmann Koop, professor of French, University of North Texas and past president, American Association of Teachers of French

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