Georgetown Journal of International Affairs: Winter/Spring 2013, Volume 14, No. 1
edited by William Handel and Nora McGann
Georgetown University Press
Paper: 978-1-62616-187-0


The international system and the individual nation states that comprise it face crucial decisions regarding both the means and methods employed to supply energy to the globe’s seven billion human inhabitants. Indeed, there are few issues of public policy with as far-reaching implications as those related to energy production, consumption, distribution, and conservation. The extent to which fluctuations in price and supply of this diverse group of resources can have a dramatic impact upon the industry and livelihood of the entire global population cannot be overstated. The Future of Energy seeks to serve as a primer for increasing public dialogue about this incredibly important topic, presenting a diverse array of arguments on issues spanning the gamut of relevance to the current global schema. Resource policies greatly impact the international sphere in economic, political, social, and security contexts and this issue will attempt to demonstrate how these fields of study and practice collide when energy is concerned.

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