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Rhetoric & Public Affairs 23, no. 2
edited by Martin J. Medhurst
Michigan State University Press Journals, 2020
Paper: 978-1-68430-124-9

In This Issue

Casey Ryan Kelly, "Donald J. Trump and the Rhetoric of White Ambivalence"

Elizabeth Ellis Miller, "From Enclave to Counterpublic: Doubled Rhetorical Space and the Civil Rights Mass Meeting"

Kristina M. Lee, "Theistnormativity and the Negation of American Atheists in Presidential Inaugural Addresses"

Jim Webber, "'The Magic of Philanthropy': The Gates Foundation’s Reframing of Education Reform Debate"

Camille Kaminski Lewis, "'I Come from Georgia': Andrew Cobb Erwin’s Southern Resistance to the Ku Klux Klan"

Review Essay
Devin Scott, "A Way Forward: Reflections on the Presidency and Presidential Campaigns"

Book Reviews
Lars Burman, Eloquent Students: Rhetorical Practices at the Uppsala Student Nations 1663–2010, reviewed by Cory Geraths

Elizabeth Mazzolini, Everest Effect: Nature, Culture, Ideology, reviewed by Chelsea Graham

Jen Schneider, Steve Schwarze, Peter K. Bsumek, and Jennifer Peeples, Under Pressure: Coal Industry Rhetoric and Neoliberalism, reviewed by Sean Kennedy

Robert Terrill, Reconsidering Obama: Reflections on Rhetoric, reviewed by Jessica Boykin and Keith D. Miller

Steven Mailloux, Rhetoric’s Pragmatism: Essays in Rhetorical Hermeneutics, reviewed by Robert Danisch

M. Elizabeth Weiser, Museum Rhetoric: Building Civic Identity in National Spaces, reviewed by Patricia G. Davis

Leland G. Spencer, Women Bishops and Rhetorics of Shalom: A Whole Peace, reviewed by Rasha Diab

Judi Atkins and John Gaffney, Voices of the UK Left: Rhetoric, Ideology and the Performance of Politics, reviewed by Elizabeth R. Earle

Bryan J. McCann, The Mark of Criminality: Rhetoric, Race, and Gangsta Rap in the War-on-Crime Era, reviewed by Suzanne Marie Enck
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