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Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management 24, no. 2
edited by M. Munawar
Michigan State University Press Journals, 2021
Paper: 978-1-68430-138-6

In This Issue

State of Aquatic Invasive Species in India: Past, present and future


Aquatic invasive species status in India
State of invasive aquatic species in tropical India: An overview
A. K. Singh (India)

Changing food webs of Indian aquatic ecosystems under the threats of invasive species: An overview
P. Panikkar, M. Feroz Khan, U.K. Sarkar, and B.K. Das (India)

Regional status of aquatic invasive species in India
Spatial assemblage and interference competition of introduced Brown Trout (Salmo trutta fario) in a Himalayan river network: Implications for native fish conservation
A. Sharma, V. K. Dubey, J. A. Johnson, Y. K. Rawal, and K. Sivakumar (India)

MaxEnt distribution modeling for predicting Oreochromis niloticus invasion into the Ganga river system, India and conservation concern of native fish biodiversity
A. K. Singh, S. C. Srivastava, and P. Verma (India)

Establishment and impact of exotic Cyprinus carpio (Common Carp) on native fish diversity in Buxar stretch of River Ganga, India
A. Ray, C. Johnson, R. K. Manna, R. Baitha, S. D. Gupta, N. K. Tiwari, H. S. Swain, and B. K. Das (India)

Distribution of alien invasive species in aquatic ecosystems of the southern Western Ghats, India
S. Raj, P. Prakash, R. Reghunath, J. C. Tharian, R. Raghavan, and A. B. Kumar (India)

Invasion and potential risks of introduced exotic aquatic species in Indian islands
C. Raghunathan, T. Mondal, and K. Chandra (India)

Management of aquatic invasive species in India
Management of alien aquatic invasive species: Strategic guidelines and policy in India
A. K. Singh (India)

Stakeholder perceptions and strategies for management of non-native freshwater fishes of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India
R. Kiruba-Sankar, J. Praveenraj, K. Saravanan, K L. Kumar, H. Haridas, U. Biswas (India)

Managements strategies to regulate the introduction of exotic ornamental fish, the silent invaders of freshwater ecosystems in India
T. T. A. Kumar and K. K. Lal (India)

Contributed Articles
Bioaccumulation of trace elements in migratory waterbirds at two wetlands of Indus river
M. A. Ashraf and Z. Ali (Pakistan)

Seasonal variation of heavy metal accumulation in environment and fishes from the Cirebon coast, Indonesia
H. I. Januar, Dwiyitno, and I. Hidayah (Indonesia)

Evaluation of the effect of carbamazepine on the concentration of vitellogenin in Pseudoplatystoma magdaleniatum
S. M. Cacua Ortiz, N. J. Aguirre, and G. A. Peñuela (Colombia)

Classification of Typha-dominated wetlands using airborne hyperspectral imagery along Lake Ontario, USA
G. M. Suir, D. A. Wilcox, and M. Reif (USA)
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