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Fourth Genre 24, no. 1
edited by Patrick Madden and Joey Franklin
Michigan State University Press Journals, 2022
Paper: 978-1-68430-173-7

Editors’ Note
Patrick Madden and Joey Franklin, “Hesitations”

Winners, 2021 Fourth Genre Steinberg Memorial Essay Prize
Jacob M. Appel, “Cousin Marvin’s Secret”
Matthew Morris, “Fucked Fable”

Nichole LeFebvre, “The Beginning of Memory: January 2020”

Emily Arnason Casey, “There Is No Loneliness Like Theirs”

Mariah Burton Nelson, “The Fun Mother and Her Lovely Assistant”

Heather Quinn, “The Wound of Time”

Sara Mansfield Taber, “A Bowl of Cream of Wheat: Memoir of a Moment”

Craig Bernardini, “A Forgivable Enthusiasm”

Kathryn Britanny Jackson, “I Am Not All the Way Here”

Jennifer Delahunty, “Future Perfect”

Jax Connelly, “Must Have Been a Lie”

Bethany Ericson, “At Times I Didn’t Drown”

Cynthia Salter, “Unlisted”

Beth Alvarado, “Bloomsbury in Winter—2020”

Zoe Fowler, “Sifting”

Kate Martin Rowe, “Full vs. Empty”

Photo Essay
Anne McGrath and Robert Hite, “Imagined Histories”

Review Essays
Kate Carroll de Gutes, “In Praise of Refusing the Questions”
Melissa Faliveno, TomboyLand
Raechel Anne, Rust Belt Femme
Tarn Wilson, In Praise of Inadequate Gifts

Catherine Carberry, “Revolution and Power in Puerto Rican Nonfiction”
Nelson Denis, War Against All Puerto Ricans
Jaquira Diaz, Ordinary Girls

Laura Julier, “Shaping Loss and Love: The Essay Projects of Carl Klaus”
The Ninth Decade: An Octogenarian’s Chronicle
Letters to Kate: Life After Life
Taking Retirement: A Beginner’s Diary
Weathering Winter: A Gardener’s Daybook
My Vegetable Love: A Journal of a Growing Season

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