Social Policy: Themes and Approaches (Revised Second Edition)
by Paul Spicker
Bristol University Press, 2008
Paper: 978-1-84742-062-6

The second edition of this classic text from acclaimed author Paul Spicker introduces students to the concepts and methods of social policy. It provides a sense of the scope, range and purpose of the subject while developing critical awareness of problems, issues and common fallacies. The distinctive and original book has been thoughtfully revised, extending beyond the updating of material to refinement and improvement of the book's structure. Divided into four parts, it explains what social policy is and why it matters; looks at social policy in its social context, including social structures, problems and needs; considers policy, the role of the state and the social services; looks at social administration and service delivery; and focuses on the methods and approaches of the subject, discussing the application of theory to practice, research and policy analysis.FeaturesRevised, enlarged and fully updated second editionProvides a thematic introduction to the concepts underlying the provision of social welfare and the processes by which welfare is organised and deliveredBrings an emphasis on theories, approaches and methods that complements other books in the fieldDraws on materials from a range of disciplines, including sociology, political theory and economics and public and social administrationStudent-friendly features, including case studies/dilemma boxes and questions for discussion in each chapter, a detailed glossary and student notesWritten in an accessible style, the book will be widely used by students of social policy, welfare and the social sciences across the world. It can be used both as a core text and as an essential complement to other reading and will be invaluable for students studying social policy at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as students on professional courses in social work, housing and health studies.

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