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Nano-Scaled Semiconductor Devices: Physics, modelling, characterisation, and societal impact
edited by Edmundo A. Gutiérrez-D
The Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2016
Cloth: 978-1-84919-930-8 | eISBN: 978-1-84919-931-5


The rapid evolution of integrated circuit technology has brought with it many new materials and processing steps at the nano-scale which boost the electrical performance of devices, resulting in faster and more functionally-complex electronics. However, working at this reduced scale can bring second order effects that degrade efficiency and reliability.

This book describes methods for the characterization, modelling, and simulation prediction of these second order effects in order to optimise performance, energy efficiency and new uses of nano-scaled semiconductor devices. The devices and materials covered include bulk MOSFETs, silicon-on-insulator FET devices, FinFET devices, tunneling FETs, nanowires, quantum dots, amorphous and SiGe alloys, photodetectors and micro-machined bolometers, and CMOS process-compatible silicon-in-package. The modeling and characterisation methods include computer-aided-design tools; classical, semi-classical, and quantum-semi-classical approaches; impact of technology process on device modeling; measurement and extraction of basic electrical parameters; parasitic effects and de-embedding under non-conventional bias conditions; lifetime and failure mechanisms; bias temperature instability; time-dependent breakdown mechanisms; and new approaches for device characterization including magneto-conductance and magneto-tunneling.

Nano-Scaled Semiconductor Devices is essential reading for researchers and advanced students in academia, and industry working on electronic devices, nanotechnology and semiconductor characterization. The book also covers a review on applications with a high societal impact, such as; chain food production, smart and green urban environments, water decontamination, and energy efficiency, which may serve as a reference for governmental and environmental institutions working on green and sustainable world environment initiatives.

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