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St. Margaret's Gospel: The Favourite Book of a Queen of Scotland
by Rebecca Rushforth
Bodleian Library Publishing, 2007
Cloth: 978-1-85124-370-9

Margaret was both a saint and a celebrated queen who, with her husband, led Scotland to great acclaim and power in eleventh-century Europe. Her favorite book was an illuminated manuscript of extracts from the gospels, and her personal copy, currently held in the Bodleian Library, is reproduced here for the pleasure of modern readers.

Margaret’s piety, dignity, and compassion made her a beloved figure long after her death. Her illuminated manuscript reveals the depths of her sanctity, opening with a Latin poem relating the one miracle attributed to her, where she preserved this book from damage. Exquisite illustrations transform the script into an arresting treasure, and Rebecca Rushforth uses incisive and comprehensive commentary to explain the story behind the manuscript and set it within Margaret’s historical context. She explores both the creation of the manuscript and its special meaning for Margaret, along with Margaret’s role as a significant figure in British and world history.

A fascinating piece of historical art, St Margaret’s Gospel-Book will be treasured by historians, religious scholars, and classicists alike.

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