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Curious Creatures on Our Shores
by Chris Thorogood and Chris Thorogood
Bodleian Library Publishing, 2019
Cloth: 978-1-85124-534-5

Beachcombing, overturning a boulder, or simply parting the strands of seaweed in a rock pool can offer a glimpse into a thriving underwater world of astonishing creatures. Starfish which, upon losing an arm, can grow a new one; ethereal moon jellyfish pulsating in the current; baby sharks hatching from their fancifully named ‘mermaids’ purses.’

This veritable marine bestiary tells these fascinating stories of life between the tides. Featuring stunning oil paintings by the author, Curious Creatures on our Shores presents over fifty of the most unusual and remarkable marine organisms found on British coasts, from beloved seahorses and starfish to lesser-known critters like sea potatoes and sea lemons.

Inspired by the Oxford University Museum of Natural History’s exceptionally rich zoology collections, which contain millions of specimens amassed from centuries of expeditions, this book invites us to marvel anew at the natural wonders found where water and land meet.

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