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Transportation and the Culture of Climate Change: Accelerating Ride to Global Crisis
edited by Tatiana Prorokova-Konrad
West Virginia University Press, 2020
Cloth: 978-1-949199-63-5 | eISBN: 978-1-949199-65-9 | Paper: 978-1-949199-64-2
Library of Congress Classification HE147.65.T75 2020
Dewey Decimal Classification 303.4832

This interdisciplinary collection of eleven original essays focuses on the environmental impact of transportation, which is, as Tatiana Prorokova-Konrad and Brian C. Black note in their introduction, responsible for 26 percent of global energy use. Approaching mobility not solely as a material, logistical question but as a phenomenon mediated by culture, the book interrogates popular assumptions deeply entangled with energy choices. Rethinking transportation, the contributors argue, necessarily involves fundamental understandings of consumption, freedom, and self.

The essays in Transportation and the Culture of Climate Change cover an eclectic range of subject matter, from the association of bicycles with childhood to the songs of Bruce Springsteen, but are united in a central conviction: “Transport is a considerable part of our culture that is as hard to transform as it is for us to stop using fossil fuels—but we do not have an alternative.”
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