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The most frequent T topics:

(30x) Taiwan (35x) Tale (110x) Tales (10x) Talking (45x) Talmud (33x) Talmud Yerushalmi (15x) Tang dynasty, 618-907 (19x) Tanselle, G. Thomas (41x) Tanzania (11x) Taoism (19x) Taste (11x) Taussig, Michael (13x) Tax Policy (56x) Taxation (12x) Taylor, Diana (15x) Taylor, Mark C. (16x) Teacher-student relationships (70x) Teachers (92x) Teaching (205x) Teaching Methods & Materials (10x) Tears (31x) Technical writing (94x) Technique (51x) Techniques (162x) Technological innovations (27x) Technologies (216x) Technology (1412x) Technology & Engineering (15x) Technology and civilization (14x) Technology and state (28x) Teenage girls (31x) Teenagers (32x) Telecommunication (10x) Telecommunication systems (89x) Telecommunications (195x) Television (15x) Television & Video (15x) Television and politics (69x) Television broadcasting (22x) Television broadcasting of news (24x) Television programs (12x) Telling (15x) Temperance (15x) Templeton, John Marks (102x) Tennessee (16x) Terminal care (36x) Terminology (13x) Terms and phrases (39x) Territorial expansion (10x) Territories and possessions (15x) Territory (53x) Terror (139x) Terrorism (11x) Terrorists (10x) Testimony (33x) Testing (26x) Testing & Measurement (206x) Texas (21x) Texas Rangers (55x) Text (11x) Textbook (32x) Textbooks (79x) Textbooks for foreign speakers (14x) Textile industry (95x) Texts (28x) Thailand (34x) The Worldwatch Institute (606x) Theater (57x) Theater and society (11x) Theater audiences (24x) Theaters (34x) Theatre (17x) Theatre Symposium (13x) Theatrical producers and directors (27x) Themes (109x) Themes, motives (25x) Theological anthropology (301x) Theology (40x) Theology, Doctrinal (33x) Theories (426x) Theory (11x) Theory Practice (208x) Theory, etc (14x) Therapeutic use (12x) There (40x) Things (32x) Thinking (65x) Third Edition (18x) Third Reich (52x) Thomas (18x) Thomas Aquinas (110x) Thomas, Aquinas, Saint (24x) Thomas, Nicholas (24x) Thoreau, Henry David (42x) Thought (24x) Thought and thinking (22x) Thrillers (20x) Through (14x) Tibet (14x) Tibet Autonomous Region (13x) Tibet Autonomous Region (China) (10x) Tibetan (235x) Time (16x) Time in literature (10x) Time travel (78x) Times (10x) Tlingit Indians (32x) To 146 B.C (265x) To 1500 (22x) To 1775 (10x) To 1803 (13x) To 1810 (15x) To 1848 (30x) To 1865 (16x) To 1950 (15x) To 1964 (14x) To 500 (10x) To 622 (11x) To 70 A.D (11x) Tobacco (16x) Tocqueville, Alexis de (15x) Todd, Jane Marie (10x) Togo (13x) Tohono O'odham Indians (17x) Toleration (13x) TOLSTOY (17x) Tolstoy, Leo, graf (47x) Tonry, Michael (14x) Tools (11x) Tools, Prehistoric (26x) Topic (16x) Torts (27x) Torture (14x) Touch (63x) Tourism (16x) Tours (122x) Toward (21x) Towards (17x) Town (12x) Toxicology (12x) Traces (36x) Trade (30x) Trade & Tariffs (15x) Trade regulation (65x) Tradition (24x) Traditional medicine (15x) Traditions (52x) Tragedy (16x) Trail (31x) Trails (12x) Training (43x) Training of (12x) Transcendence (111x) Transformation (26x) Transformations (29x) Transgender people (18x) Transgender Studies (10x) Transit (59x) Transition (14x) Transitional justice (10x) Transitions (30x) Translating (57x) Translating & Interpreting (32x) Translating and interpreting (58x) Translation (29x) Translations (384x) Translations into English (16x) Transmission of texts (79x) Transnationalism (15x) Transplantation of organs, tissues, etc (206x) Transportation (12x) Transportation and state (29x) Trauma (943x) Travel (20x) Travel in literature (24x) Travel writing (16x) Travelers (14x) Travelers' writings, American (10x) Travelers' writings, English (36x) Travels (32x) Treaties (11x) Treatise (59x) Treatment (12x) Tree (85x) Trees (23x) Trends (13x) Trends that are Shaping Our Future (45x) Trial (34x) Trials (41x) Trials (Murder) (102x) Trials, litigation, etc (10x) Trinidad (15x) Trinidad and Tobago (18x) Trinity (28x) Triumph (11x) Trojan War (13x) Tropical East Africa (28x) Tropics (20x) Trouble (130x) True Crime (22x) True Story (11x) Truman (27x) Truman, Harry S. (43x) Trust (92x) Truth (10x) Truthfulness and falsehood (10x) Tuan, Yi-Fu (10x) Tuberculosis (29x) Tucson (13x) Tucson (Ariz.) (97x) Turkey (36x) Turkey & Ottoman Empire (16x) Turn (11x) Tutors and tutoring (10x) TV (55x) Twain, Mark (18x) Twentieth - Century America (129x) Twentieth Century (98x) Twenty - First Century (11x) Twenty-first century (10x) Twilight (10x) Tyranny

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