The Economics of Discrimination
by Gary S. Becker
University of Chicago Press, 1971
Cloth: 978-0-226-04115-5 | Paper: 978-0-226-04116-2 | Electronic: 978-0-226-04104-9
DOI: 10.7208/chicago/9780226041049.001.0001


This second edition of Gary S. Becker's The Economics of Discrimination has been expanded to include three further discussions of the problem and an entirely new introduction which considers the contributions made by others in recent years and some of the more important problems remaining.

Mr. Becker's work confronts the economic effects of discrimination in the market place because of race, religion, sex, color, social class, personality, or other non-pecuniary considerations. He demonstrates that discrimination in the market place by any group reduces their own real incomes as well as those of the minority.

The original edition of The Economics of Discrimination was warmly received by economists, sociologists, and psychologists alike for focusing the discerning eye of economic analysis upon a vital social problem—discrimination in the market place.

"This is an unusual book; not only is it filled with ingenious theorizing but the implications of the theory are boldly confronted with facts. . . . The intimate relation of the theory and observation has resulted in a book of great vitality on a subject whose interest and importance are obvious."—M.W. Reder, American Economic Review

"The author's solution to the problem of measuring the motive behind actual discrimination is something of a tour de force. . . . Sociologists in the field of race relations will wish to read this book."—Karl Schuessler, American Sociological Review


List of Tables

Introduction to the Second Edition

Introduction to the First Edition

1. The Forces Determining Discrimination in the Market Place

2. Effective Discrimination

3. Employer Discrimination

4. Employee Discrimination

5. Consumer and Government Discrimination

6. Market Discrimination

7. Discrimination against Non-Whites. I

8. Discrimination against Non-Whites. II

9. Changes in Discrimination over Time

10. Summary