The CSE Manual, Ninth Edition Scientific Style and Format for Authors, Editors, and Publishers
by Council of Science Editors
University of Chicago Press, 2024
Cloth: 978-0-226-68394-2
DOI: 10.7208/cse9


University of Chicago Press (cloth)


Comprehensive and authoritative scientific style and format rules from the leading professional association in science publishing.

The CSE Manual: Scientific Style and Format for Authors, Editors, and Publishers delivers complete coverage of rules and best practices in scientific publishing. Since 1960, the esteemed Council of Science Editors has offered authoritative guidance on presenting scientific writing more clearly and effectively. In the ninth edition of The CSE Manual, this leading international association offers its most comprehensive recommendations yet, continuing to guide writers and editors through the ever-evolving world of scientific publishing. Available in print and by subscription online.


The Council of Science Editors (CSE) is an international membership organization for editorial professionals publishing in the sciences. The CSE’s purpose is to serve its approximately 800 members in the scientific, scientific publishing, and information science communities by fostering networking, education, discussion, and exchange. The CSE aims to be an authoritative resource on current and emerging issues in the communication of scientific information.


“[The CSE Manual] should be the major reference for anyone writing a scientific article or book.”—Booklist
— Booklist

“No English-language author, editor, or publisher in the field can do without it.”
— STM Newsletter (published by the Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers)




Part 1. Publishing Fundamentals

1. Elements of Scientific Publication | Editors: Andrew Hunt, PhD, and Janaynne do Amaral, PhD

2. Publication Policies and Practices | Editors: Jessica L. Striley; Emmanuel A. Ameh, MBBS, FWACS, FACS; and Thomas A. Lang, MA

3. The Basics of Copyright | Editor: Kelly Newton

Part 2. General Style Conventions

4. Alphabets, Symbols, and Signs | Editors: Heather DiAngelis, MA, and Dana M. Compton

5. Punctuation and Related Marks | Editors: Trevor Lane, DPhil, PGCELT; Joanna Odrowaz; and Dara R. Rochlin

6. Spelling, Word Formation and Division, Plurals, and Possessives | Editors: Rachel J. Lowery and Elizabeth A. Arnold, ELS

7. Prose Style and Word Choice | Editors: Beva Nall-Langdon and Caitlyn Trautwein

8. Names and Personal Designations | Editors: Trevor Lane, DPhil, PGCELT; Dara R. Rochlin; and Brit Stamey

9. Capitalization | Editors: Andrea Rahkola, ELS, and Heather Poirier, MA

10. Type Styles, Excerpts, Quotations,and Ellipses | Editors: Heather DiAngelis, MA, and Dana M. Compton

11. Abbreviations | Editors: Audrey Daniel Lusher and Elizabeth A. Arnold, ELS

12. Numbers, Units, Mathematical Expressions, and Statistics | Editors: Thomas A. Lang, MA; Jessica S. Ancker, MPH, PhD; and Raymond Lambert, MLS, ELS

13. Time, Dates, and Age Measurements | Editors: Jacob Kendall-Taylor and Stanley N.C. Anyanwu, MBBS, FMCS, FWACS, FACS, FICS

14. Geographic Designations | Editor: Kenneth April

Part 3. Special Scientific Conventions

15. The Electromagnetic Spectrum | Editor: Mary Warner, CAE

16. Subatomic Particles, Chemical Elements, and Related Notations | Editor: Mary Warner, CAE

17. Chemical Formulas and Names | Editor: Mary Warner, CAE

18. Chemical Kinetics and Thermodynamics | Editor: Raymond Lambert, MLS, ELS

19. Analytical Chemistry | Editor: Tina L. Fleischer

20. Drugs and Pharmacokinetics | Editor: Beva Nall-Langdon

21. Genes, Chromosomes, and Related Molecules | Editors: Patricia K. Baskin, MS, and Peter J. Freeman, PhD

22. Taxonomy and Nomenclature | Editors: Beth E. Hazen, PhD, and Amy McPherson

23. Anatomical and Physiological Descriptions for Macroorganisms | Editors: Beth E. Hazen, PhD, and Amy McPherson

24. Disease Names | Editors: Ellen Lazarus, MD, ELS; Stephanie Mowat, MA; and Soo- Hee Chang, MS, ELS

25. Earth | Editors: David M. Schultz, PhD, FAMS, FRMetS, FGS, SFHEA, and Kaitlyn Aman Ramm

26. Astronomical Objects and Time Systems | Editors: Craig Damlo, MSc; David M. Schultz, PhD, FAMS, FRMetS, FGS, SFHEA; Sherri Damlo, MS, ELS; and Julie Steffen, CAE

Part 4. Technical Elements of Publications

27. Journal Style and Format | Editors: Janaynne do Amaral, PhD; Simona Fernandes, MSc, ELS; and Jae Hwa Chang, MA, ELS

28. Books and Other Monographs | Editor: Kristen Swendsrud

29. References | Editors: Peter J. Olson, ELS; Iris Y. Lo; Jessica LaPointe; and Kelly Newton

30. Tables, Figures, and Indexes | Editors: Thomas A. Lang, MA, and Jessica S. Ancker, PhD, MPH

31. Typography and Manuscript Preparation | Editors: Audrey Daniel Lusher and Simona Fernandes, MSc, ELS

32. Proof Correction | Editors: Mary Warner, CAE; Kevin R. Brown; and Michelle Cathers, MLS

33. Digital Standards of Scholarly Journal Publishing | Editor: Sun Huh, MD, PhD

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