front cover of Blockchain Foundations
Blockchain Foundations
For the Internet of Value
Mary C. Lacity
Epic Books, 2020
While there are many books on blockchains, this guide focuses on blockchain applications for business. The target audience is business students, professionals, and managers who want to learn about the overall blockchain landscape — the investments, the size of markets, major players and the global reach — as well as the potential business value of blockchain applications and the challenges that must be overcome to achieve that value. We present use cases and derive action principles for building enterprise blockchain capabilities. Readers will learn enough about the underlying technologies to speak intelligently to technology experts in the space, as the guide also covers the blockchain protocols, code bases and provides a glossary of terms. We use this guide as the textbook for our undergraduate and graduate Blockchain Fundamentals course at the University of Arkansas. Other professors interested in adopting this guide for instructional purposes are welcome to contact the author for supporting instructional materials.

front cover of Blockchain Fundamentals for Web 3.0
Blockchain Fundamentals for Web 3.0
Mary C. Lacity
Epic Books, 2022
Our book explains the movement to establish online trust through the decentralization of value, identity, and data ownership. This movement is part of ‘Web 3.0’, the idea that individuals rather than institutions will control and benefit from online social and economic activities. Blockchain technologies are the digital infrastructure for Web 3.0. While there are many books on blockchains, crypto, and digital assets, we focus on blockchain applications for Web 3.0. Our target audience is students, professionals, and managers who want to learn about the overall Web 3.0 landscape—the investments, the size of markets, major players, and the global reach—as well as the economic and social value of applications.
We present applications that use Web 3.0 technologies to unlock value in DeFi, NFTs, supply chains, media, identity, credentials, metaverses, and more. Readers will learn about the underlying technologies, the maturity of Web 3.0 today, and the future of the space from thought-leaders. This textbook is used by undergraduate and graduate Blockchain Fundamentals courses at the University of Arkansas, the University of Wyoming, and other universities around the world. Professors interested in adopting this book for instructional purposes are welcome to contact the authors for supporting instructional materials.

front cover of Confessions of an Entrepreneur
Confessions of an Entrepreneur
Simple Wisdom for Starting, Building, and Running a Business
Mark C. Zweig
Epic Books, 2022
Winner, 2022 Goody Business Book Awards, Entrepreneur, General Category
Finalist, 2022 Goody Business Book Awards, Entrepreneur, Start Ups / New Business Category

With more than fifty years of professional experience, Mark C. Zweig has seen it all—from the fear and excitement of starting a new business to the joys and challenges of life as an entrepreneur. In Confessions of an Entrepreneur: Simple Wisdom for Starting, Building, and Running a Business, Zweig draws upon this wealth of experience to offer practical, easy-to-understand guidance for bringing a business to life and cultivating success at every stage of its development. The candid stories he shares from his career provide insight into the realities of business ownership and illustrate proven principles for both personal and professional success. Written by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs, this book is an indispensable guide filled with wisdom for new and seasoned business leaders alike.

front cover of Ethereum for Business
Ethereum for Business
A Plain-English Guide to the Use Cases that Generate Returns from Asset Management to Payments to Supply Chains
Paul Brody
Epic Books, 2023
In Ethereum for Business, Paul Brody provides a plain English guide to doing business on the world's largest blockchain. The book covers an overview of Ethereum, business applications on Ethereum, and various advanced topics. Including case studies and examples from the world of Ethereum, Ethereum for Business is readable both linearly and by dipping in and out of chapters. The book is aimed at business executives who want to understand the potential of blockchain for solving real-world business problems, and readers with technical knowledge who want to understand the business use cases.

Ethereum for Business covers topics such as data quality, efficiency, and decentralization in digital marketplaces, wallets, tokens, and smart contracts, privacy, scalability, supply chain management, trade finance, payments and asset transfers, and tokenomics. Brody argues that blockchain technology, particularly Ethereum, can transform the world of enterprise computing by enabling companies to model and manage assets, real or digital, that exist off-chain. The result is a guide for implementation that contains key success metrics for enterprises considering blockchain-based solutions.

front cover of Purple on the Inside
Purple on the Inside
How J.B. Hunt Transport Set Itself Apart in a Field Full of Brown Cows
Kirk Thompson
Epic Books, 2019
J.B. Hunt Transport hit the national business scene as a trucking company led by a dynamic founder known for his boundless optimism, untamed vision, and salesmanship. The company has since transformed into a multi-billion-dollar business by balancing business savvy and execution with an enduring entrepreneurial spirit—a rare feat in any industry.

J.B. Hunt’s triumphs and struggles provide a fascinating case study of how business theory, leadership, culture, and organizational best-practices have combined to create one of the most successful companies in American history. Kirk Thompson, with more than forty years of experience inside the company, gives a CEO’s account of the company’s evolution, while Matt Waller connects the leadership decisions to business theories that are transferrable to other leaders and industries.

Purple on the Inside is more than a corporate history or business management primer. It’s a practical case study that illustrates what Seth Godin described in Purple Cow, his best-selling book that considers what characteristics make for a remarkable business. It’s the story of leaders and team members who tap into their founder’s spirit for innovation while maintaining the focus and high level of performance needed to grow. It’s a story about developing partnerships, technologies, and expertise that others can’t easily duplicate. And it’s a story of overcoming disheartening setbacks and cultivating the purple cows that have allowed J.B. Hunt Transport to do what many experts said was impossible—stand out from its competition in an industry full of brown cows.

front cover of Values-Driven Authentic Leadership
Values-Driven Authentic Leadership
Essential Lessons from the LeadershipWWEB Podcast Series
Andrew Braham
Epic Books, 2022

In Values-Driven Authentic Leadership: Essential Lessons from the LeadershipWWEB Podcast Series, Andrew Braham, Matthew Waller, and John English examine the intersection of values, authenticity, and leadership. Drawing upon numerous conversations with a wide range of professional leaders, including several Fortune 500 CEOs, the authors identify six key opportunities for leadership growth: having a mentor, being in a group, knowing yourself, navigating transitions, being a mentor, and values and company culture. By sharing their own experiences, Braham, Waller, English, and the leaders they interview bring the facets of authentic leadership to life with personal insight.

Whether you are a mentor or a mentee, a student or a professional, Values-Driven Authentic Leadership will help guide you on your own leadership journey.


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