front cover of Faithful Education
Faithful Education
Madrassahs in South Asia
Riaz, Ali
Rutgers University Press, 2008
In the wake of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2011, discussions on ties between Islamic religious education institutions, namely madrassahs, and transnational terrorist groups have featured prominently in the Western media. In the frenzied coverage of events, however, vital questions have been overlooked: What do we know about the madrassahs? Should Western policymakers be alarmed by the recent increase in the number of these institutions in Muslim countries? Is there any connection between them and the "global jihad"?

Ali Riaz responds to these questions through an in-depth examination of the madraassahs in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India. In Faithful Education, he examines these institutions and their roles in relation to current international politics.

front cover of The Madrasa in Asia
The Madrasa in Asia
Political Activism and Transnational Linkages
Edited by Farish A. Noor, Yoginder Sikand and Martin van Bruinessen
Amsterdam University Press, 2009
Since the rise of organizations like the Taliban and Al Qaeda, the traditional Islamic school known as the madrasa has frequently been portrayed as a terrorist hotbed. For much longer, the madrasa has been considered by some as a backward and petrified impediment to Islamic social progress. However, for an important segment of the poor Muslim populations of Asia, madrasas constitute the only accessible form of education and an opening to the wider world. This comprehensive volume presents a representative overview of the unknown world behind the walls of these institutions in nations such as China, Indonesia, Iran, and Pakistan, showcasing the educational changes and transnational networks that help to produce an alternative form of globalization.

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