front cover of Figler
My Imaginary Friend
Erica Taylor
Parkhurst Brothers, Inc., 2014
Accolades to Erica Taylor for Figler: My Imaginary Friend. Taylor takes her readers on a journey of self-realization as a child comes to ultimately discover that the wonderful abilities possessed by Figler, the beloved imaginary friend, are talents (he/she) also possesses. The whimsical illustrations draw readers into the main character’s journey of self-discovery.  This book offers a delightful poetic read inspiring young readers to dare to imagine and reach for the impossible.
Jeanine Wood - Distance Learning Coordinator Northeast Arkansas Education Cooperative Walnut Ridge, Arkansas

front cover of (some of) The Adventures of Carlyle, My Imaginary Friend
(some of) The Adventures of Carlyle, My Imaginary Friend
Dainis Hazners
University of Iowa Press, 2004

At first glance these poems (which read like one long odyssey) seem sweet and peaceful—like taking a walk in the woods. But then, things turn darker: a storm blows in—and with it some Aliens, Ghost and Ghoul, the Hanging Man. Luckily, Carlyle has a few good friends such as Ruth, the Hag, the Boy, who are staunch and true and faithful. A whistling-in-the-dark suspense alternately stimulates and enervates the witness.

“Carlyle is spore, and mild. / He is swoon &sherbet.” Endearing and kind, if not actually cruel, he is also cold and strange. He shapeshifts, transforming into Magician and Jester, Surgeon and Scientist, Cloud; he studies fire and mirrors and bores holes in his own skull, looking for heaven. Throughout his many adventures, which range from the ludicrous to the life-threatening, he flies into the light and carries the reader with him on his perplexing and fanciful journey.


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