front cover of Entering the Watershed
Entering the Watershed
A New Approach To Save America's River Ecosystems
Bob Doppelt, Mary Scurlock, Chris Frissell, and James Karr
Island Press, 1993

Entering the Watershed is the product of a two-year project established by the Pacific Rivers Council to develop new federal riverine protection and restoration policy alternatives. It recommends a comprehensive new approach to river protection based on principles of watershed dynamics, ecosystem function, and conservation biology -- a nationwide, strategic community- and ecosystem-based watershed restoration initiative. The book:

  • describes in detail the existing level of damage to rivers and species
  • analyzes flaws and gaps in existing policy
  • provides the framework necessary to develop new policies
  • outlines the scientific underpinnings and management strategies needed in new policy
  • makes specific policy proposals

front cover of Exploring the Big Woods
Exploring the Big Woods
A Guide to the Last Great Forest of the Arkansas Delta
Matthew D. Moran
University of Arkansas Press, 2016

Exploring the Big Woods: A Guide to the Last Great Forest of Eastern Arkansas is both a natural history and a guide to one of the last remnants of Mississippi bottomland forest, an ecosystem that once stretched from southern Illinois to the Gulf Coast.

Crossed by the White River and its tributaries, which periodically flood and release nutrients, the Big Woods is one of the few places in the Mississippi River Valley where this life-giving flood cycle persists. As a result, it is home to an unusual abundance of animals and plants.

Immense cypresses, hickories, sweetgums, oaks, and sycamores; millions of migrating waterfowl; incredible scenery; and the complex relationship between humans and nature are all to be discovered here.

Exploring the Big Woods will introduce readers to the natural features, plants, animals, and hiking and canoeing trails going deep into the forests and swamps of this rare and beautiful natural resource.


front cover of Exploring the Little Rivers of New Jersey
Exploring the Little Rivers of New Jersey
James and Margaret Cawley
Rutgers University Press, 1993
A completely revised edition of this classic guide! Exploring the Little Rivers of New Jersey—first published in 1942—has become a classic, every canoeist's traveling companion and a delight to countless other people who enjoy in imagination or memory the outdoor world of New Jersey. By the way of the little rivers, James and Margaret Cawley introduced generations of canoeists and armchair explorers to a quiet, beautiful world of forests and fields, songbirds and wildflowers, towpaths and villages rich in history. Today, you can still explore this "other New Jersey" via the state's little rivers and many miles of canal—through the Pine Barrens, state and county parks, farmlands, suburbs, and crowded cities.

In this fourth edition, the Little Rivers Club has brought the Cawleys' work up to date. This group of experienced canoeists dedicated themselves to re-exploring familiar waterways and adding new ones. Faithful to the Cawley spirit, this edition includes new maps, many new photographs, a directory of canoe liveries, tips of planning a trip, a loving portrait of the Cawleys, and, best of all, twenty-four beautiful waterways to discover.

Featuring 166 photos, 22 maps, and these rivers:
  • Batsto
  • Cedar Creek
  • Delaware and Raritan Canal
  • Great Egg Harbor River
  • Hackensack
  • Manasquan River and Inlet
  • Maurice
  • Millstone
  • Mullica
  • Musconetcong
  • Oswego River and Lake
  • Passaic
  • Paulins Kill
  • Pequest
  • Ramapo-Pompton
  • Rancocas
  • South and North Branches of the Raritan
  • Toms
  • Wading
  • Black-Lamington
  • Cohansey River, Raceway, and Sunset Lake
  • Crosswicks Creek
  • Metedeconk
  • Stony Brook

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