The Metaphysical Foundations of Love: Aquinas on Participation, Unity, and Union

by Anthony T. Flood
Thomistic ressourcement series ;
Catholic University of America Press, 2018
eISBN: 978-0-8132-3141-9, Cloth: 978-0-8132-3120-4

The Metaphysical Foundations of Love: Aquinas on Participation, Unity, and Union offers a systematic treatment of St. Thomas Aquinas’s account of the metaphysical relations of unity-to-union and unity-to-participation in God as the key structuring elements to the nature of love and friendship. In general, Aquinas identifies love as the source and summit of the life of each human being. Everything in the created realm issues forth from God’s creative love, and the ultimate end of all human persons is the greatest possible union with God. Aquinas contends that the love of friendship allows for the greatest union between two persons; thus, the greatest union with God takes the form of friendship with him.
Union and Friendship
Unity and the Love of Self
From Unity to Union
Distinctions Pertaining to the Unions of Similitude and Possession
The Equalizing Effect of Charity
Marriage as the Greatest Human Union
The Love of Self and the Love of God
The Natural Inclination to the Love of God
The Supernatural Love of God
The Necessity of Conformity
Sin and Hatred
Satan and Temptation
Love and Self-Governance
Love and Worship
Love and Obedience to the Divine Will
The Love of Self and Conscious Self-Experience
Participation, Irreducibility, and Omnisubjectivity
Subjectivity in Light of Charity

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