Humanae Vitae, 50 Years Later: Embracing God's Vision for Marriage, Love, and Life; A Compendium

edited by Theresa Notare
Catholic University of America Press, 2019
Paper: 978-0-8132-3216-4, eISBN: 978-0-8132-3217-1

In the life of the Catholic Church, the papal encyclical Humanae vitae represents a deepening of understanding regarding the nature of married love and the transmission of life. Despite fifty years (1968-2018) since it’s promulgation, many Catholics have yet to discover the treasure of these rich teachings. This volume therefore seeks to elucidate the encyclical’s reaffirmation of the divine plan. It does this in a unique way by providing essays from experts of various disciplines that include history, theology, science, medicine, law, and governmental policy.

The occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of Humanae vitae offers a teaching moment. In this compendium, experts representing a variety of disciplines including history, culture, theology, medicine, law, and psychology present their reflections upon God’s divine plan as described in Humanae vitae. The authors first presented this work in an abbreviated form at a symposium held at The Catholic University of America (April 4-6, 2018). Here, their presentations are substantively developed and hopefully will encourage further scholarly work. Ultimately, their purpose is to help the reader arrive at a more positive understanding of the teachings found in Humanae vitae. Although designed for the educated reader, the essays presume that when the teachings of Humanae vitae are embraced by men and women, they can contribute to the healing of the wounds of a world broken by sin but redeemed by Christ.
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Preface: Humanae vitae, Fifty Years Later (1968–2018) (Most Rev. Charles J. Chaput, OFM Cap)
Introduction: Embracing God’s Vision for Marriage, Love, and Life (Theresa Notare, editor)
I: A World Afflicted
1. The Legacy of Humanae vitae (Donald T. Critchlow)
2. The Vindication of Humanae vitae, Continued (Mary Eberstadt)
3. Humanae vitae and the Technological Conquest of Humanity (Michael Hanby)
II: A Deeper Understanding of the Doctrinal Principles in Humanae vitae
4. Thomas Aquinas on Marriage, Fruitfulness, and Faithful Love (J. Budziszewski)
5. In Defense of Humanae vitae: Dietrich von Hildebrand on Human Generation as the “Superabundant End” of the Conjugal Act (Maria Fedoryka)
6. The New Natural Law Theory, Basic Goods, and Contraception (Patrick Lee)
7. Humanae vitae and The “Un-engendering” of Gender (Margaret Harper McCarthy)
III: Natural Family Planning
8. A Historical Review of the Catholic Scientists Who Answered the Call of Humanae vitae (Richard J. Fehring)
9. The Current State of Science in Natural Family Planning (Joseph B. Stanford)
10. Natural Family Planning and Ethical Women’s Health Care (Kathleen M. Raviele)
11. The State of Fertility Awareness Based Method Education for Medical Professionals (Marguerite R. Duane and Erin Adams)
IV: Health and Love: Examining Distortions Introduced by the Contraceptive Mentality from Medical, Psychological, and Legal Perspectives
12. Medical Consequences of Hormonal Contraception (William V. Williams)
13. Of Science and Surveillance: An Object Relations View of Affectively Based Side Effects in Hormonal Contraceptive Use (Suzanne Nortier Hollman)
14. Against Ideological Colonization: The Teaching of Humanae vitae and a Humanely Adequate Global Ethic (Teresa Stanton Collett)
15. Contraception: US Law and Messaging (Helen M. Alvaré)
V: Humanae vitae—Contemporary Challenges
16. New Challenges to Humanae vitae: Conscience and Discernment (Janet E. Smith)
17. Humanae vitae and the Cross of Infertility (Elizabeth R. Kirk)
18. God’s Plan, Married Love, and the Gift of Children (Christopher Kaczor)
VI: Signs of Growth and Healing
19. Signs of Hope and Healing in Theology: A Tale of Two Statements (John S. Grabowski)
20. Signs of Growth and Healing: Health Care and Science (Richard J. Fehring)
21. Signs of Hope: Diocesan Natural Family Planning Ministry in the United States (Theresa Notare)
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