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Welcome to the Next Stage of eBooks

The CDC and BiblioVault proudly announce the launch of their new e-content initiative: ebooks distributed in Adobe's Digital Editions.

We hope you will enjoy reading this sample portion of ‘Wild Justice’, a study of morality and fair play in the animal world that Booklist calls “an excellent introduction to a new science”.

While reading, consider the numerous applications of this protected, customizable, Earth-friendly new application as both a free and revenue generating product. Titles can just as easily be sent out as protected, rights-limited complimentary copies as they can be ordered from your web site’s shopping cart and fulfilled through BiblioVault, the digital asset services division of the CDC.

Please click the adjacent link and follow the prompts for your free download of Digital Editions and the sample title. Once your download is complete and the program launches, you will immediately recognize the similarities between its interface and that of Adobe Reader, the standard bearer in portable document viewing. Gone are the costs and materials associated with shipping hard copies to customers and reviewers. The delivery of your PDF or reflowable EPUB book is digitally protected as you deem necessary and is delivered instantaneously to your customer.

For further information about delivering your book files with Adobe's Digital Editions, please contact BiblioVault at bv-help@uchicago.edu.