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Music and Culture in Eighteenth-Century Europe: A Source Book
by Enrico Fubini
translated by Wolfgang Freis, Lisa Gasbarrone and Michael Louis Leone
University of Chicago Press, 1994
Cloth: 978-0-226-26731-9 | Paper: 978-0-226-26732-6

This book collects key writings about eighteenth century music . It brings together for the first time in one place, a wide selection of essential documents not only about music theory and practice, but about the historical, philosophical, aesthetic, ideological, and literary debates which held sway during a century when musical thought and criticism gained a privileged position in the culture of Europe.

Enrico Fubini offers a sampling of English, French, German, and Italian writings on topics ranging from Enlightenment rationalism and the theories of harmony to German musical culture and the polemics on J. S. Bach. Organized by topic and historical period these selections go beyond writings dealing exclusively with specific musical works to larger issues of theory and the reception of musical ideas in the culture at large. The selections are from books, journals, newspapers, pamphlets, and letters; the contributors include Diderot, Rousseau, Voltaire, Grimm, Alfieri, Rameau, Quantz, Gluck, Tartini, Leopold and W. A. Mozart, and C. P .E. Bach. Many are translated here for the first time.

With general and chapter introductions, restored footnotes, and other valuable annotations, and a biographical appendix, this anthology will interest music scholars, students, and teachers.
    Editor's Preface
    Ch. 1: The First Polemics on Opera in Italy
    from On Tragedy (1715)
    Gian Vincenzo Gravina
    from On Perfect Italian Poetry (1706)
    Ludovico Antonio Muratori
    from On Ancient and Modern Tragedy (1714)
    Pier Jacopo Mattello
    from Theater a la Mode (1720)
    Benedetto Marcello
    Ch. 2: The Italians and the French: The Great "Querelle"
    from A Comparison between the French and Italian Music and Operas (1702)
    Francois Raguenet
    from Comparison of French and Italian Music (1704)
    Jean-Laurent Lecerf de la Vieville
    from The Spectacle of Nature (1746)
    Noel-Antoine Pluche
    from The Temple of Taste (1733)
    from On the Freedom of Music (1759)
    Jean Le Rond d'Alembert
    from Essay on the Origins of Language (1781)
    Jean-Jacques Rousseau
    from Additions to the Letter on the Deaf and Dumb (1751)
    Denis Diderot
    from Rameau's Nephew (1760)
    Denis Diderot
    from The Little Prophet of Boehmischbroda (1753)
    Friedrich Melchior Grimm
    from the article "Poeme lyrique" in the Encyclopedie (1765)
    Friedrich Melchior Grimm
    Ch. 3: European Rationalism and Theories of Harmony
    from Steps to Parnassus (1725)
    Johann Joseph Fux
    from Treatise on Harmony (1722)
    Jean-Philippe Rameau
    from Observations on Our Musical Instinct and on Its Principle (1754)
    Jean-Philippe Rameau
    from On the Principles of Musical Harmony Contained in the Diatonic Genus (1767)
    Giuseppe Tartini
    from General Principles of the Science of Sound (1748)
    Denis Diderot
    Ch. 4: The Birth of Historiography and the Reports of Foreign Travelers in Italy
    from History of Music and of Its Effects (1715)
    Jacques Bonnet
    from A Dissertation on the Rise, Union, and Power, the Progressions, Separations, and Corruptions, of Poetry and Music (1763)
    John Brown
    from History of Music (1757)
    Giovanni Battista Martini
    from A General History of Music (1776)
    Charles Burney
    from A General History of the Science and Practice of Music (1776)
    John Hawkins
    from Letter to M. de Maleteste (1739-40)
    Charles de Brosses
    from Letters from Italy (1767)
    Samuel Sharp
    from An Account of the Manners and Customs of Italy (1768)
    Giuseppe Baretti
    from General History of Music (1788)
    Johann Nikolaus Forkel
    Ch. 5: The Reaction of Italian Humanists and Literati to Music
    from Essay on Opera (1755)
    Francesco Algarotti
    from Opera (1772)
    Antonio Planelli
    from Complete Formal and Material Treatise on the Theater (1794)
    Francesco Milizia
    Preface to Abele: Tramelogedia (1796)
    Vittorio Alfieri
    Letter to Saverio Mattei, at Naples (1770)
    Pietro Metastasio
    Ch. 6: German Musical Culture and the Controversy Regarding Bach

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