BiblioVault Accessibility Services

BiblioVault can assist accessibility offices at institutions of higher learning, by providing electronic files for students when needed. With the permission of the publisher, we can provide alternative access in cases where we have electronic files for these books in BiblioVault.

At this time BiblioVault provides accessibility offices with electronic files (PDFs and/or plain text files) for books from the following presses:

University of Arkansas Press
University of Chicago Press
University Press of Colorado
Duke University Press
University of Exeter Press
University of Iowa Press
Island Press
University of Michigan Press
Michigan State University Press
University of Missouri Press
University of Nevada Press
University of North Texas Press
Northwestern University Press
University of Pittsburgh Press
Temple University Press
Templeton Press
University of Tennessee Press
University of Utah Press
Utah State University Press
University of Wisconsin Press

If you are an accessibility official for a college or university, you can find out if an electronic version of a book might be available from BiblioVault by searching for the title, author or ISBN in the search box above right (in the right-side navigation on this page). Please keep in mind that if a book is not in BiblioVault, we cannot provide electronic files for it, and also that not all books in BiblioVault have suitable accessible files.

If you find that a book you need is included in BiblioVault, please choose the "Request accessible file" link you'll find on the book page. BiblioVault will fulfill the request as quickly as possible, although we cannot guarantee that you will receive files in less than two weeks.

The BiblioVault may need to bill your accessibility office a service fee, to cover the cost of preparing the file and transmitting it if you cannot accept a file via email. For instance, we generally charge $10.00 + shipping costs for delivery on a CD.

For more information, or to check on the status of a request, please email